10 Most Ridiculous Reasons For Calling into Work Sick.

10 Most Ridiculous Reasons For Calling into Work Sick.


We’ve all been there. Sitting on the phone with our boss explaining why we can’t coming into work. The reasons generally make perfect sense.

Of those who call in sick 28% said they just didn’t feel like going in to work, 27% took the day off to attend a doctor’s appointment, 24% said they just needed to relax and 18% did so to catch up on sleep. Also, another 11% took the day off to run errands.

Of the employers surveyed, 33% said they had checked to see if an employee was telling the truth. Of those, 68% had asked to see a doctor’s note, 43% had called the employee and 18% actually drove by the home of an employee that had called in sick. All in all, 22% of employers said they have fired an employee for lying about a sick day

Obviously you, nor I. have ever called in sick to work. However if we did, we would probably come up with an excuse that was reasonably believable, “I’ve got the flu”, “My grandmother is ill”, “My car broke down”.

But apparently not everybody is on the same wavelength as us, and some are much better at lying.

  1. There was a Solar Eclipse and the I’m not sure whether it is safe to leave the house or not.

  2. I’m too emotionally upset after watching the Hunger Games.

  3. I’m too fat to get into my work pants.

  4. I have to ship my grandmother’s bones to India. (note: she passed away 20 years ago)

  5. The SWAT team has locked down my entire street and is using my car as a makeshift cover. (plot twist, the Manager put on the news and this one was in fact true).

  6. A worker called in sick one day because they’d gotten badly sunburnt. When asked to elaborate, they sheepishly explained that they’d spent their weekend at a nude beach. Not a single nook or cranny was spared the sun’s wrath, meaning the employee couldn’t wear any clothes at all.

  7. My son accidentally fell asleep next to wet cement in our backyard. He’s fallen in and we can't get him out.

  8. I received a threatening phone call from the power company, so I needed to report it to the FBI. 

  9. I have to move house today and I only found out last night.

  10. I fell off a ladder whilst trying to get boxes out of the loft and injured my arm. I could have broken the fall but didn’t want to damage the Christmas decorations.

    And an honorary mention to those who could be calling in sick to work in the future, we couldn’t forget these goodies.

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