6 Questions for HR Administrator Francesca Thompson

6 Questions for HR Administrator Francesca Thompson


Hey I’m Francesca! I am 21-year-old fresh out of Uni who has been with NZME as their Culture & Performance Administrator just short of four months. Anyone who knows me would probably tell you that I am a big adventurer with an even BIGGER sweet tooth. You will most likely find me jetting off to Noosa every chance I get to drink more red wine than I usually do and spend time with my family.

Talk us through an average working day

An average working day for me is fast paced and can change in an instant depending on what is happening within the organisation, but one constant is that It includes lots of contracts and paperwork to set up new employees with NZME (Sounds fun…I know) but like any role you need to start somewhere, and this role is essential to learn the fundamentals of HR and set me up for my future.

What has your career path been like? How did you get there?

I have been lucky in the fact that before I even went to University I knew I wanted to study HR and luckily for me when I started studying it at AUT it continued to be something I wanted to pursue. Three years later here I am with a Bachelor of Business in Human Resources, Employment Relations and Management in my first “real” job feeling very thankful to have winded up at NZME…. to be continued my career path has just started!

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part of my job has got to be PEOPLE – as the term Human resources suggests I get to connect with such a wide range of people which is something I am very passionate about. The worst part about my current role is that if something goes wrong within nitty gritty paperwork that must be done to employ and set up a New Starter it can have a big impact and affect the new employees first impression of the company – which I would hate to be responsible for! This means lots of double checking!

What do you see your jobs to be like in 10 years? Thinking of it evolving to keep up with the ever-changing digital trends.

Part of the reason I chose HR as career is because I believe it will be one of the least impacted jobs affected by technology. I know technology will play a huge part in the future and although I can see this playing into HR in multiple ways…put simply technology takes the Human out of Human Resources and many parts of our role could not be replaced by software.

What's your WHY? What lights you up! How does this align with what you're doing now within work and/ or outside of work?

I would say my why is being a positive influence on people and knowing that I have the ability and power to help people in some way…I think HR provides a perfect opportunity for this within individuals working lives, which let’s be honest can feel like our whole life at times. On a daily and in my personal life I just want to cheer people up and make mundane boring days fun and exciting.

With a helm of experience, what is your biggest experience to date?

My biggest achievement to date would probably be getting a degree and then managing to get a good job only a couple of weeks after graduating – I feel like in this increasingly competitive day and age I was so nervous I would leave Uni and not be able to get a job so very thankful it has all worked out.

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