6 Questions for Media Coordinator Paige Swaney

6 Questions for Media Coordinator Paige Swaney


I am Paige Swaney, born and bred Aucklander and am NZME’s Auckland Radio Media Coordinator (pretty long title).  I have a huge love for music, photography and fashion and am the baby of my team being only nineteen!

My average working day

An average working day for me is never the same – except for the fact that I always have a coffee at 9.15! The most consistent part of my job is communication, it is a huge part of my role and NZME all around. I spend my day booking, planning and sorting radio – letting people know what is available and what stations would fit a certain client and generally being on hand when anyone needs anything radio oriented.

What has my career path been like? How did I get here?

I kind of tumbled myself into NZME. Radio is in my blood, both my parents as well as my sister have/are working in the media industry so there was always a high chance of me landing here!

My career path started when I headed down to Dunedin to study Primary Teaching. I did it for six months and decided teaching wasn’t for me and moved back home to Auckland. I did lots of searching on what I wanted to do and felt a bit stuck for a while. I was a bit of a radio nerd but never really thought of doing anything with it. I grew up with my parents working at TRN (The Radio Network) and knew a lot more about radio then I thought I did.

I found out about a Media Coordinator role that was up for grabs and thought I would give it a try. I was too young for the role but thought there was no harm in trying! A month later I started at NZME as a Part-Time Temporary Media Coordinator whose sole purpose was to book ads into a system. After two months I was offered a full-time permanent role and was given the opportunity to look after all the Live Events Advertising we do. I put my hand up for everything and gradually am building my role more and more.

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part of my job is when a campaign of a client goes well. Knowing I was involved in the process of it makes me feel good and gives my role a real purpose.

The worst part is being the messenger – especially if I am having to give bad news. It is never a nice situation to be in!

What do you see your job to be like in ten years? Thinking of it evolving to keep up with the ever-changing digital trends?

I all around think the role will involve a lot more digital use. Generally the world is becoming more digital day by day, so I feel like naturally radio and print is angling towards that direction. Media is all about communication though, so I feel even though change will come, we will always be people based.

What’s your WHY? What lights you up? How does this align with what you’re doing now within work and outside of work?

My biggest thing is to help. It is my main drive! I am an incredibly personable person and will always put my hand up to be there for people. I feel like that is why NZME is a good fit for me, especially my role, as I get to support and be with people every day. Obviously, radio lights me up as well as there is such a good energy to it and I get to work for such an amazing company at a young age.

What is my best experience to date?

My biggest and best experience is just being here at NZME! I have and am experiencing so many amazing things whilst here like sales blitz days and hosting the creators of the radio system I use. Everyday is a great day here and I can’t pinpoint one experience that is bigger and better than the rest because there are too many.

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