45 Years at NZME: David Brice on Radio Through the Years

45 Years at NZME: David Brice on Radio Through the Years

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(Pictured above clockwise: Dean Buchanan, David Brice and Mike McClung, 2012 Radio Survey party; David - Wanganui 1983; David - Radio Lakeland 1988; with Ivanka Zonich, Radio Awards party 2013; David - ZM Wellington 1993)

We caught up with the legendary Bricey, Content Director iHeartRadioCoast and Mix on his 45th work anniversary to find out what still keeps him in the game.

  1. Why is radio still your happy place?
    Simply because I LOVE what you can do with radio. Even on a bad day it’s still the best industry to be a part of. It’s the unique balance of business and community, art and science. One person and one idea can make a huge difference.

  2. Will radio survive?
    For my entire career, people have been talking about the death of radio. Radio will survive. One of the things I respect about radio in New Zealand and our company in particular, is that the importance of our on-air talent is understood. And that we’re generating new audiences and staying relevant via our podcast and digital platforms. To me, our voices talking about our issues will see us through whatever change comes down the road.

  3. Was the celebration at work a surprise?
    As I was heading to what I thought was a client meeting I saw a group gathered and said to Amy Nola “Looks like someone’s having a birthday… I wonder who it is?” The other surprise was that I went viral. I was humbled by the many, many kind comments that were posted.

  4. People say you’re a leader people will follow anywhere. What’s the secret?
    I’ve always tried my best to have the team come along with me. You have to talk about your vision, your focus and what you believe in. Be passionate, back it up with a rationale and a plan. Most of all empathy and respect, be truthful, coach and guide and always follow through on  commitments.

  5. Best work story
    From back in the Broadcasting House days there used to be a competition to get the network newsreaders to laugh while reading a bulletin. My contribution was to set fire to the script of one reader as he was reading it. So wrong on so many levels now, but that was the 70’s for you. 

  6. Any famous last line?
    You create your own fate. I don’t know who said that, but it has been my guiding star.



  • 6 weeks of announcer training school at the long gone Radio Broadcasting House in Wellington (where David first crossed paths with Dean Buchanan)

  • Unleashed on unsuspecting listeners of 1ZU Taumarunui

  • Met wife Cherie in Whanganui (after much persuasion there was no divorce and she agreed to accompany him on the twists and turns of a radio career)

  • Programme Director Radio Scenicland, Greymouth

  • Radio Lakeland Taupo plus two children, Jordan and Ashlee

  • First major assignment with Grant Lee - the transition of 1ZH to ZHFM

  • Up the SH1 to Auckland and Classic Hits as Operations Manager/Programme Director

  • Back home to Wellington to get 91ZM rolling (we took it to no. 1)

  • Director of Programming, Auckland – most proud of creating Coast and Flava

  • Last 4 years, focus has been iHeartRadio; last 4 months, focus has been on Coast and Mix

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