6 Questions for Internal Communications Advisor Jessica Nutley

6 Questions for Internal Communications Advisor Jessica Nutley


Hey I’m Jess! Originally from Hull, England, I moved to this beautiful country 10 years ago with my family, and I’m not leaving any time soon. I’m a lover of beaching, adventures and the occasional wine and cheese (and it feels like I’m writing a Tinder bio…).

Talk us through an average working day

An average working day in Internal Comms isn’t very average at all. Every day is different and I love that one day I’ll be designing a banner for Chinese New Year and the next I’ll be managing the technology at a Senior Leadership event. But, there is one thing I do every morning - check and reply to emails! My job relies on emails and constant communication.

What has your career path been like? How did you get there?

I graduated from AUT with a Bachelor in Communications with a Digital Media Major. It took a while to get a job in the industry, so whilst I was applying everywhere, I was working in retail at Amazon Surf. My manger was awesome, and was supportive if I needed time off to go for an interview.

My first job that related to my degree was in Email Marketing and the pay wasn’t that great (when you’re flatting in Auckland!). It was a whole lot of code and not a whole lot of fun. Whilst I gained a lot of HTML/CSS knowledge, I knew that the culture and company wasn’t the right fit. I moved from there into Advertising & Promotions, then onto Event Marketing, and now I’m here doing Internal Communications at NZME!

It took a while for me to get where I am now, but I’m grateful for the journey, even if there were a few bumps along the way!

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

Being the centre of communications, I constantly get to make people happy by creating funny videos or sending out emails saying FREE FOOD. The worst part would be if something ever went wrong - for example, we once sent out an email telling people to get their free lunch at 12pm, when the supplier actually didn’t end up turning up at all - so we had to send a SORRY email.

What do you see your jobs to be like in 10 years? Thinking of it evolving to keep up with the ever-changing digital trends.

I think Internal Communications will still play a huge role in the future, but we may not be office based. I know a lot of tasks that we do could become automated, but you can’t beat simple human communication.

What's your WHY? What lights you up! How does this align with what you're doing now within work and/ or outside of work?

I really enjoy making people happy and getting a big thank you at the end. This plays a huge part of my role and I try to get involved with other initiatives that have the same outcome such as the Diversity Committee and Wellness Week.

Outside of work, I entertain wee kiddies at birthday parties as a princess or a fairy! Seeing their little faces light up when Cinderella walks in the door makes my heart melt. 

What advice would you give a fresh graduate looking to follow your career path?

Take any and every opportunity you get offered if the experience will help you with your goals. The Media Industry is huge with many varied roles, so explore all your options rather than sticking to one specific area. 

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