NZME’s History

NZME’s History

From legacy to start-up - check out the brief overview of our history:

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1862 - The New Zealand Herald is founded

The multi-award winning daily broadsheet begins its publication in Auckland.

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1925 - 1ZB begins broadcasting

Originally launched in 1987 as NewstalkZB with a talk back format. In 1996, it is bought by The Radio Network (TRN).
It now has a large audience, mostly aged over 35. Hosts include Mike Hosking, Kerr McIvor and Jack Tame.

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1965 - Radio Hauraki Launches

The pirate radio station hits the airwaves from a ship anchored in the Hauraki Gulf and becomes the country’s first private radio station.
Its target listeners are now men aged 25-49.

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1972 - ZM in current format launches

The top 40 music station starts broadcasting in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.
Today its target audience is “busy and active” 18 to 39-year-olds.

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1986 - The Hits begins broadcasting

The station is bought by APN News & Media in July 1996, and in April 2014 it is re branded from ‘Classic Hits’ to ‘The Hit's’.

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1995 - Radio Sport goes live

After more than a decade of broadcasting under the title ‘Sports Roundup’, Radio Sport is born in its current format.

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2000 - Flava starts broadcasting

Under its former name, ‘Cool Blue’, Flava hits the airwaves. In 2004, it became Flava.

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2001 - Coast goes live

Launched as a local radio station in Hawkes Bay, Coast goes on air after being bought by TRN in 2000.

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2003 - The Herald on Sunday hits the streets

The award-winning Sunday compact newspaper begins publication.

GrabOne is set up

New Zealand’s favourite and most trusted marketplace for deals begins with just one deal. It is now NZ's third largest e-commerce platform offering offer hundreds of don't-miss offers every day across 13 regions. As well as Experiences, we've added Escapes, featuring travel and accommodation; Store, specialising in great value products; and Bottle, for wine, beer and spirits.

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The New Zealand Herald goes compact

After 149 years as a broadsheet, the Herald is relaunched in its current format.

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2013 - Mix 98.2 goes on air

The Auckland-only station is launched by TRN, combining music from the 80’s and 90’s with fashion, style, food, dining out, wellness, entertainment and all things Auckland.

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2014 - NZME comes together under one roof

Our print, radio and online brands come together at our new HQ at 2 Graham Street.
We have more than 30 websites and an extensive national digital audience of more than two million people every month.

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2015 - NZME demerges from APN and lists on the stock exchange

In June 2016, NZME demerge from parent company APN News & Media and list as an independent company on the NZ and Australian stock exchanges. For APN this demerger means greater flexibility to invest and focus on growth assets whilst aggressively exploring new opportunities to expand the APN portfolio. For NZME this means, we are now in a position to pursue our own strategic priorities in a way that is more locally relevant. Submissions and talks progress with Fairfax Media New Zealand about a possible NZME-Fairfax merger.

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2017 - NewsTalk ZB celebrates 50 years on air

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