Shadowing the Sales Team

Shadowing the Sales Team

This week we had Vish our Sales Consultant from our Ellerslie team come in to shadow some of our sales team here at NZME Central.  Below he details his experience in his word

Shadowing an Account Director - Real Estate

"Firstly I was shadowing an Account Director, where he took me through a presentation he had with the Real Estate clients.

I did sit in on the presentation, Where he had to deal with an article which was in the Weekend Herald.

In that presentation, he was pitching a new campaign he can get the Bayleys to get on-board with for the next month or 2 months.

After that, we had a meeting with the Marketing Manager for Bayleys discussing the upcoming brand awareness they wanted NZH & the regional papers to spread in the community."

Chatting with a Media Coordinator

The second person I had to shadow was with a Media Coordinator. It was not shadowing but a chat on what a day in a Media Coordinator role looks like.

She took me through what she does, how the various radio, Print, Digital ads are put in. How the different teams are coming along together and the clients are getting their ads produced.

How do they book them, sort them and all the systems they are currently using in order to keep them running.

Shadowing an Account Manager - Driven

Next up I was supposed to be shadowing the Sales Manager for Driven since he had a few interviews he couldn’t show me around.

I was therefore teamed up with a senior Account manager for Driven.

He was taking me through his day to day responsibilities.

He did tell me how he is building his pipeline and building relationships with new clients and the existing ones for their continued business.

While going on with the day to day work he managed to get a 2x half page advertising deal for the Driven insert for 2 weeks.

DigiWise - Up-skilling Seminar

Finally, I concluded my day with the Digi Wise expo which was happening for new business ventures and Strategy NZME can work to include in their business"

We love getting people from different regions and offices around the country to experience what other people do in the business through what we call "Shadowing". It's a great way to bring together NZME employees as we are all so different - with skills and as people.

Vish ended his summary with his:

“Again, I would like to thank you all for an amazing day and introducing me to the teams in Central. It was a really productive day for me where I learned a lot,”

Intern to Employee - Bernadette Read - Trade Manager

Intern to Employee - Bernadette Read - Trade Manager

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