NZME Candidate Hot TIps

NZME Candidate Hot TIps

Being one of the top media businesses in the country, it is no surprise that we get thousands of job applications each year across our various departments. This means it is crucial an applicant ticks all boxes to stand out from the crowd. As recruiters, we come across a surprisingly large number of applicants on the regular who waste their time or annoy hiring managers and recruiters by bungling the process. Instead, prepare yourself by doing the following and we assure you that will get a reply back.

What are you applying for?

If you're actively looking for a new job, it can be hard to keep track of all the different CV's and cover letters you send out. To keep things straight - keep a list of applications you've sent out along with a short description, so when an employer calls you back, you'll know what you're talking about.

We skim CV's - always.

I'm sure this one is no secret but if you didn't know - now you do. If a job has over 100 applications, there is no way anyone would go through each application and read every word. Instead, we use the "ten-second rule:" skim for ten seconds and if we don't see any keywords related to the role they've applied for in their CV then the application is automatically deemed irrelevant and rejected. So what's the lesson here? Ensure you list your key skills/ software's you're proficient in and any other tangible skill related to the role are clearly displayed on the first page of your CV.

Keep it short and sweet.

Cover letters? No more than two-thirds of a page. Bullet points? Hell yes. Anything which is concise and to the point - just like this paragraph :)

A little about us.

Make sure you know who we are and what we do in a basic sense. We don't expect you know allllll our brands by heart - hey, most of us STILL struggle with that. Just a basic understanding of who we are and what we do. Following us on social media and making reference to what we post will definitely win you brownie points.

We check up on you.

If you have an online presence - you can bet we are interested in it. I know your mind will automatically go to social media sites but we also mean any online CV's, portfolios or profiles. You will be surprised about the times we've come across candidates who say they're in a managerial role when they're not or replace a role with "travel break" to cover up the little two-month stint at a company which clearly didn't work out. Sooo... what's the lesson here? Make sure information you provide us with is consistent with that online.

The basics.

This should go without saying but there are still many candidates who ignore the basic job-search tips of all time. This includes typos on your CV, being late to an interview or providing irrelevant information. I think it is very important to remember that all the information you provide as a candidate is a sample of how hiring managers see you as an employee.


If you've ever been to our offices, you'd know that we're all dressed pretty casual here - jeans are a daily occurrence, they don't just make the 'casual Friday' appearance. With this being said ALWAYS dress to impress for your interview - jeans are 100% ok (depending on the job you are applying for) but make sure they are worn in a smart casual manner. This means no denim cut off shorts, t-shirts with quotes, distressed or ripped clothing or flip-flops. The first impression you make is everything!

Following up.

We love when candidates follow-up with us - this shows us that you are taking initiative and responsibility for your application. HOWEVER there is a VERRRRRY fine line from showing us you are keen to being too persistent - and frankly just a pain. We will be in touch - just be patient. The rule is if you haven't heard from anyone in a week - feel free to drop us a message!

That's about all - do the above right and we assure you that it won't go unnoticed! Happy job hunting.

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