Intern to Employee - Stefan Crabbe - Commercial & Marketing Assistant

Intern to Employee - Stefan Crabbe - Commercial & Marketing Assistant


Stefan started with us in 2017 interning one day a week, towards the end of his internship he started doing some full-time work, filling in for a team member who was overseas. In 2018 he started his role as part-time Commercial & Marketing Assistant, with various roles within the Trade Marketing team!

Talk us through how you landed your internship at NZME.

I got told of an opportunity through the grapevine. I got given an email, and I sent through my resume. A few weeks later I got an email asking for a coffee with the boss - I must have had good chat because I got the internship!

What was your role and your day-to-day responsibilities?

The program involved me coming into the building once a week for around 4 – 5 hours and working with a different team within the organisation on rotation per week. The program had a focus on helping out a range of different teams while giving me an opportunity to ask questions and understand what’s involved in a day’s work in that team. The internship allowed me to sit into weekly team meetings, conduct market research, edit NZ Herald advertisements, help set up for events, produce videos and learn the things that make NZME such an elaborate and unique company. I wasn’t getting coffees and shredding paper; I was doing work that was truly appreciated by those that needed it - it was awesome!

What was the highlight and lowlight of your internship?

So, one day I walk in, and I’m told: “Hey, the printing company forgot to print the Dot on the NZME logo on 800 of the NZME coffee cards…” - Well, I was handed a vivid and told to get dotting! I spent all day dotting away. However, I managed to make it fun and managed to learn a lot from it.

I learnt:

1) That the details matter at NZME - big or small.

2) That you can make anything fun if you try.

3) That I’m very good at putting dots on coffee cards - 27 cards every 10 Seconds!

So I guess you could say this was a low light and a highlight.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I think I doubted my abilities when I first started. I felt that having the word “intern” labelled on you sometimes made you feel like you weren’t capable of doing specific tasks. However, after a while of interning, I learnt that giving every task your all and having a willingness to learn is what people notice, not what you can, and can't do.

How did you land a permanent role after your internship? And what advice would you give current interns wanting a full-time position after their internship comes to an end?

I asked for a part-time role, one that worked with my ongoing University studies. I think that when your internship is about to end, be very transparent with your boss, tell them you want to keep working at NZME. If you’ve given a good impression and you’re keen, they’ll give you a role.

What was the most valuable thing you learnt as an intern which helped shape how you work in your current role?

Having the opportunity to work with various teams around the company gave me an understanding of the work that I love and hate doing. I now have a much better understanding of the work I want to do while also knowing the work I’m good at and the work I need more training for. My overall understanding of my career has strengthened as a result of my internship.

Do you have any future tips for graduates wanting to intern at NZME?

You’ll learn more at NZME in a day than a semester at uni… So if you’ve just graduated get ready to hit the ground running and work in a fast paced, loud and awesome company.

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