First Impressions of NZME: Kate Weaver

First Impressions of NZME: Kate Weaver

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What do you do at NZME?

I am part of the Culture & Performance team (the modern term for HR), my role is to support the Commercial team alongside Jess Ah Kuoi and also head up the C&P leads. C&P is all about supporting NZME individuals to achieve their goals and in turn the business goals.

When did you join? What made you choose NZME?

I started at NZME on 25 June this year, a new industry for me that I felt would be dynamic and diverse – I also felt I connected with all the people I met through the interview process.

What are your first impressions of working here?

Wow - what a great vibe and super friendly people!

One funny thing that has happened to you at work.

Playing Cards Against Humanity with my team. For those unfamiliar with this, it's described as a party card game for 'horrible' people. Play it with the right company and you'll have a right laugh.

The highlight of your time here so far.

Great people and love the in-house coffee. Go, Lucy Gardner!

Anything we do particularly well?

I love how we recognise our people with Shout Outs and Champions awards and there is really good regular communication from the Exec and Connect Me.

Anything we should be focussing on getting better at?

Talk more about all the great things NZME does to create a fun culture. It is always interesting with fresh eyes what you notice and I think there are so many things we are doing to create a great place to work – we just need to pat ourselves on the back a bit more. 

Goals for your first 3 months here?

Get to know my team, connect with as many people as possible and understand how everything works at NZME.

The question you get asked the most about NZME from your friends. 

Since I joined so many of my friends are now noticing the NZME brand around the place!

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